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Yeah, this site used to be about fly fishing. 

But now it's just for fun until we start pawning off Paul's Rusty Lorena Bobbit Divorce Celebration Knives, Blow Up Tony Stewart NASCAR chairs, hot sauces, and a subscription to viewing Chris in the Hot tub playing with African toys.

Times are tough after the dot-com crash.  giggle.  ssssh!
For now - fun. 

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Rants and General Misgivings
A treatise on Loud Americans and Muslim Terrorists

The United States commenced a missile strike on Afghanistan Sunday, delaying the start time of the UAW-GM Quality 500 at Lowes Motor Speedway by 10 minutes as President George W. Bush addressed the American public.
Tony Stewart may have best summed up the feelings of the entire NASCAR community, saying: Go get em. Id go right now -- if I could go and help right now Id go. Its time to finish this guy off. Bring his head back on a stick, as far as Im concerned.

The poetic rantings of Leonard Pitts on the attacks - article one - article two

Joke of the month (or longer if I don't update it)

Need to describe your ass or someone else's over the Internet but want it to be visual? Well, how about some "assicons"? Here goes:

(_!_)     A regular ass                        (__!__)     A fat ass

(!)     A tight ass                                 (_*_)     A sore ass

(_o_)     An ass that's been around      (_x_)     Kiss my ass

(_X_)     Leave my ass alone              (_zzz_)     A tired ass

(_E=mc2_)     A smart ass                (_?_)     Dumb ass

(_jack_)     Jackass                          (_-$_)     Cheap ass

(_)    Half ass                                  (Mom)(__)     Tattooed ass

 [_!_]     A hard ass


"Well,Mrs O'connor,so you want a divorce?"the solicitor questioned his client."Tell me about it.Do you have a grudge?"
"Oh no," replied Mrs O'Connor."shure now we have a carport".
The solicitor tried again."Well does the man beat you up?" he enquired.
"No no," said Mrs O'connor looking puzzled. "Oim always first out of bed."
Still hopeful,the solicitor tried again."Well does he go in for unnatural connubial practises?"
"Shure now he plays the flute but I dont think he knows anything about the connubial."
Now desperate, the solicitor pushed on."What I'm trying to find out is what grounds you have."
"Bless ye sor. We live in a flat-not even a window box,let alone grounds."
"Mrs O'connor," said the solicitor in some exasperation,"to get a divorce you need a reason that the court can consider,What is the reason for you seeking this divorce?"
"Ah well now," said the lady."Shure it's because the man can't hold an intelligent conversation."


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