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What's your problem?
by Osama Bin Laden

Dear Osama Bin Laden: My name is Jeremy and I am 10. Sometimes I like to fix my own hair, but whenever I do, I mess everything up. What can I do to fix my hair?
-Jeremy, Age 10

THIS IS A WARNING TO ALL OUR AMERICAN OPPRESSORS: Allah commands me to wage a holy fatwa against Jewish and American tyrants. Your reign of imperialist genocide against the land of the two Holy Mosques is fast approaching its tyrannical end. Islam will not surrender the Arab Peninsula to a world of oppressive, animal vagrants. Allah has decreed your time will come! Remember that, as your airborne pigs shit death on the heads of my people.

Osama Bin Laden

Dear Osama Bin Laden: Whenever I start up my car in the morning, I hear this really loud "REEEEE! REEEE! REEEEE!" sound. Any clues?

-Rebecca Stoltz

THE HOLY WAR OF ALLAH HAS JUST BEGUN: In the slaughter of many Islamic young fighters and citizens of Afghanistan, Bosnia, Chechnya, and Iraq, the United States and its insatiable allies have grown fatted and comfortable. You relax and we strike, as the snake strikes and feeds on the resting boar. The snake lives on, as the boar's corrupt blood trickles from its neck like tears. The United States is that boar. Afghanistan is the sharp-eyed snake. Your country will trickle apart like shards of glass. Peace upon Mohammed.

Osama Bin Laden


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