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                      Loud Americans on Vacation and Muslim Extremists

Over the last year and one half, I developed a close relationship with a Brit who had never known an American personally. One of her first comments was to ask me why all Americans are so loud. My only response was how would she know who the quiet ones were. That paradox that confronts Americans confronts the Muslims today. Are the majority of Muslims that we hear on television representative of the Muslim faith? Are their beliefs universally held within the community of faith?

As I understand it, Muslims, Jews and Christians are distant cousins. The God of the Jews and the God of the Christians is the Allah of Islam. If that is the case, then it would seem to me that the Allah of these militant Muslims is not the Allah of true Islam. True worshipers of Islam don't drink Stoli and orange juice prior to spending a few hundred dollars for lap dances prior to killing thousands of people. Their movement is not a spiritual movement. It's a political movement. The name they use and you use, Allah, might be the same however, they don't seem to be the same God. Is Allah proud of their actions?

How do we prevent further destruction and terror? It seems to me that our bombs and guns can only stall acts far more frightful and terrible. I'd go so far to say that the fate of the world in many ways lies in the hands of Muslims, but not the ones in Afghanistan or the ones with malicious intent. It is with the ordinary and true Muslim that lives in America, in Indonesia, in sub Saharan Africa and throughout the Middle East. This is a fight for the survival of Islam. The terrorists are hell bent on hijacking Islam and defining it for the world and for themselves in a very different manner. Will you allow them to define your Allah to the rest of the world as they do today? Is their Allah, your Allah? Will they ultimately accept moderate Muslims just as they are if they prove to be ultimately successful?

The most effective anti-terrorisim device is not bombs and bullets. Its their fellow Muslims. Will they have a change of heart if they listen to the West? Not a chance. But as fellow Muslims, will they listen to you? Maybe not, but maybe you sway some of the not so hard core and some of the youth. Are you called by Allah to witness truth and expose evil? Hearing from a caucasian ex-CIA terrorism expert that the spirituality they live is not the spirituality Mohammed preached has far less impact on the terrorists and far less impact on the infidels than the same message coming from you. Some of the greatest political movements were led by peaceful spiritual leaders like Ghandi. The world needs a great Islamic spiritual leader besides Bin Laden to step up to the plate. That will do far more for the cause of Palestine and for the protection of Muslims worldwide than any march on the US Capital Building or a plea at the not so United Nations or car bombs at embassies.

If their religion is not true Islam, then hold fast to the truth and turn them out, denounce them and if you have already been doing that, please forgive our news media for not covering your efforts more. Make a human ring around the Empire State Building protecting it and proclaiming that they are attacking fellow Muslims when they attack the US. Demonstrate on the lawn in DC that their Islamicism is no more true Islam than the militant Christians or the militant Jews are practicing their true faiths. That's what America needs to see. We want to believe in you!

America once said, give us your tired, your hungry and your poor. If you believe in hard work, family and faith, we want you here. You are the American dream. Its in being more American than being more hyphen that defines us as who we are. While I pray to God that he show mercy to the men who committed these evil atrocities, I pray much harder for the souls who have departed and the souls they left behind due to these evil acts of cowardice. And I pray that true Muslims everywhere take up the true cause of Allah and expose them for what they truly are.

To anyone in the media who reads this, I pray that you too will help trumpet the true voice of Islam. Allow yourselves to be the microphone of the quiet Muslims. Just as all Americans don't need to be known by our loud and rude citizens, the real Muslims don't need to be known by their cousins. And who knows, maybe the media and the true followers of Mohammed will do what our bombs and planes will never do. Save the world. To the Muslims and the Media, we're thirsting and could soon be dying to hear from you.

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